TCM Equine Herbal & Laser Therapies    
Harnessing The Power of  Ancient &  Modern Therapies to Heal Naturally
Annabelle Knight BSc(Hons) Acupuncture MBAcC. Lic.Ac
Welcome to an innovative approach to equine health. By using some of the most up to date  
technology combined with the ancient holistic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine,
improvements to healing in many equine conditions can be achieved both effectively and

Annabelle obtained her BSc.(Hons) degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at The
International College of Oriental Medicine in affiliation with the University of Greenwich.
During her 5 years of intensive study she completed modules not only in oriental medicine,
but also western anatomy, pathology & physiology, enabling her to establish a
comprehensive understanding of many disease processes. Prior to this her initial
introduction into the ancient practice of Oriental Medicine started with Medboo TCM college
in China (Traditional Chinese Medicine). She also studied with The East West College of
Annabelle is a licensed acupuncturist & member of the British Acupuncture Council. As well
as using oriental medicine to diagnose & treat both humans & animals, she is also a fully
trained operative of the 'Omega' low level laser system, which gives her the ability to treat
her patients from both a holistic & local perspective.

As an experience horse owner for many years, Annabelle has acquired a rapport that has
enabled her to  treat hundreds of horses with great success using oriental medicine & laser
therapy. She has found that her skills can be used very successfully to help many equine
Does your horse suffer with headshaking, hindgut issues, skin problems, eye diseases? If
so a bespoke herbal formula may help alleviate symptoms & start to enable self healing.

Are you having to continually call out the physio or chiro to your horse, due to
neck/back pain or tension
? If so why not treat the root cause instead of just the
symptoms? Soft tissue trauma, neck &  back pain  are just a few things that are proven to
benefit from Laser acupuncture & local therapy. Shivering, idiopathic lameness & sacroiliac
pain also respond very well.
Does your horse suffer from EGUS ( Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome)? If so, read
how it can be helped

Many so called 'behavioural' issues, such as spooking, irrational fear, anxiety, impatience or
aggression, & 'marish' behaviour all respond very well to both herbal  &/or laser therapies.
Other species including dogs, cats, goats & pigs can also benefit from treatment for a variety
of problems, including skin issues, trauma, allergies & behavioural problems.
To learn how your horse/pet can benefit from treatment please look at the
laser therapies
herbal remedies pages.

Annabelle is also treating human clients in her lovely garden clinic based in her home in
rural Hassocks.
Green Dragon Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.