TCM Equine Laser Therapies
  • L - light
  • A - amplification by the power of
  • S - stimulated
  • E - emission of
  • R - radiation

Albert Einstein first proposed the theory of laser radiation, however it took many decades to
manifest into a working unit. Since then a new science of low level or cold laser therapy has
evolved, resulting in an
enormous range of therapeutic benefits, such as improvements in
Soft Tissue and Nerve injuries
Tendon & Ligament issues
Muscular problems
Neck & back pain (research)

Harnessing The Power of Light to Heal
What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) ?
Low Level Laser Therapy is used to enhance the healing of wounds, soft tissue and nerve
damage, tendon problems and fractures. It can also help neutralise infection & reduce scarring.

Being non-invasive, LLLT can safely be used on the young, the old and the nervous as well as
being particularly suitable for use over painful and sensitive areas.
Equine Laser Therapy works on the principle that all cells respond to light.
Using varying wave lengths & pulse frequencies the body's own healing
processes are stimulated to respond.
In stressed or ischaemic tissues the production of nitric oxide displaces
oxygen leading to oxidative stress & reduced ATP production. Initially,
mitochondrial activity leads to increased fibroblast proliferation & migration
with a modulation of cytokine levels, growth factors & inflammatory mediators.
Tissue oxygenation greatly increases leading to healing & repair. Repeatedly
demonstrated is the increase in ATP synthesis & thereby the energy available
to the cell on which all metabolic processes depend.

In addition to local cellular effects, laser therapy also enhances endorphin
release & suppresses c-fibre activity to bring about a feeling of well being &
pain reduction.

Treatment is quick and pain free, easy to apply and effective. Appropriate
probes are placed on the skin relative to the damaged area and controlled
light, of a specific wavelength, power, pulse frequency and duration is passed
into the tissue.


Depending on the condition, Laser Therapy is given once or twice weekly,
followed by progressively longer treatment intervals.
As symptoms ease during treatment most horses will be seen to relax.

Laser Therapy can be used independently, in conjunction with conventional
veterinary practices, or enhanced by
Laser Acupuncture.

The physiological effects of Laser Therapy have been extensively researched
and demonstrated to be;
Side-effect free
One additional advantage of Laser Therapy is that it is drug free - particularly useful where the use of drugs are not recommended or the animal
is drug resistant.

Being drug free also has the added benefit that under current FEI and BEF
rules Laser Therapy can be used safely, effectively & legally on competitive
even on the day of competition.

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Veterinary permission must be sought prior to any treatment.
Laser therapy is especially effective for
chronic conditions, infection, non
healing wounds or where the
animal is immuno compromised.
Several types of SARCOID are proving
very responsive to laser therapy.

Response is quick, with the treatment
times per session relatively short.
For specific problems such as
sacroiliac joint syndrome
research shows that enormous
benefit can be obtained from the
use of Laser Therapy. In many
cases complete pain relief &
healing is promoted allowing full
resumption of exercise
Treatment is carried out using the
Omega Laser system following a
rigorous schedule of training
specifically tailored for equine