Equine Case Studies
The following are a small selection of case studies & testimonials  from
clients based in the UK. Due to time & space, details have been compressed
but the most important facts are shown.
The Data Protection Act  prevents clients full details  being published, but  
all of these people are contactable through this site, should anyone wish to
verify any details.

Wilo - Headshaker -Owner Angela  from Kent


First visit
Wilo had been headshaking for several years & had got progressively worse to the extent that he was shaking whilst
grazing. When tied up on the yard his head was constantly snatching, flicking & jerking & was distressing to watch
He had extremely  poor hoof quality.A tight & sore back. His coat was very dry & dull particularly around his quarters.
His eyes red/brown in corners, swollen lids & underneath. He kept them half closed  & appeared very depressed. He
constantly tried to bite. Examination of tongue/pulse signs were  very difficult due to his constant shaking. Tongue
appeared pale body with red edges slight yellow coating.
Angela reported that he acted very irrationally with symptoms of great fear.
A TCM diagnosis was made & 2 formulas given over 3 weekly periods.

Angela reports;
'As for the HSing, it is much improved, we've only  had 2 days in total of quite violent flicking/shaking.  Still no where
near as bad as he has been
His temperament is still a bit agro but we have also has some affectionate times! '
Wilo continued to improve & enjoy slow work over the next 3 months.

Since then Wilo remained stable. Angela took Wilo on sponsored rides & hacks with no problems. Wilo had the
occasional formula to keep him healthy & fit, but I think we can safely say he was cured.

Tragically an accident in the field meant that Wilo had to be put down. However he had remained headshaking free &
was 100% prior to his accident.

Peanuts - Headshaker - Client Mrs Hurran from Surrey
16hh Gelding of unknown breeding.


Client reported that horse was on loan as had been known to headshake for many years. Had been turned away for 1
year before they had him.
Headshook whilst being led so had to use a chifney for safety. When ridden would improve with work but on cooling
down on loose rein would snatch & jerk. Would strike out at face occasionally.Very impatient when hacked would not
stand still at roads, gates etc. Could be dangerous. Would not tolerate a noseband or hackamore. Appeared weak
behind. His droppings became very loose when upset.

Horse presented as noise sensitive & movement sensitive - jumping at the slightest motion. Tried to bite with ears
back. Headshook & ticced whilst in stable. Rubbed his head & neck on the left side.
Coat was poor which had not grown through from an October clip. Appeared very depressed.
Tongue signs were pale body with clear macules. Pink curled edges. Teeth marked. Pulse soft/wiry.

TCM diagnosis made & 2 formulas given for 3 weekly continual use.

Client reported amazing improvements. Peanuts was like a different horse. Happy, calm & no headshaking at all. Can
be led out in a headcollar. When  hacked out rider could stand & chat to friends with Peanuts on a loose rein. Very

Currently Peanuts is cured & remains well after 3 years of stopping his herbs
Salsa Lady 15 year old mare
Owner Liz Marlow

Salsa lady presented with an area of verrucous sarcoid above her eye with a nodular
sarcoid within the same area which was open & bled frequently. She had been treated with
immuno therapy & turmeric paste/supplementation which increased the sarcoids size. After
just 2 short laser sessions the nodule is almost healed with a dry surface & the hair is
April 2014
July 2014